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Art Show List

Arisia 2021 Art Show Awards

Congratulations to our art show award winners!

  • Best in Show: Atlas Kaysha Siemens
  • Popular Choice 2D: Entrance Sarah Morrison
  • Popular Choice 3D: Sea Change Sandra Van Vooren
  • Artist Guest of Honor award: Persephone in the Garden of Hades Kaysha Siemens
  • Writer Guest of Honor award: Reanimated Ammonite Sandra Van Vooren
  • Con Chair award: Procession I.S. Kallick
  • Art Show Director's award: Ice Fishing Ryan Klemek
  • Art Show Director's award: Jettycat #5 Catscratch Fever (cover) Hannibal King
  • Fan Guest of Honor award: Hard Landing, the Sequel, from Johnna Klukas


Thank you to all the artists for participating in the Arisia 2021 Virtual Art Show!


List of Arisia 2021 artists and their websites.

Julia Austein
Planets from our solar system going down a slide


Maxine Hwang Blomberg

"Double Dick Portrait"

Victoria Chapman
Woman floating under turquoise colored water among moon jellyfish.

"Falling, Floating, Free"

Sarah Clemens
alt-text for imageA small wolf painted in acrylic


Rachel Creemers
A little space tree chillin' and being pleasant.

"Astral Tree"

Brenna Deutchman
Handmade purple and pink dragon with handmade hat, vest, pocket dragon, two tea cups and saucers and tea mat.

"Amethyst Rose & Tiny Friend"

Meredith Dillman
A small watercolor of a woman in a birch forest.

"High Priestess Original Painting"

Sara Felix
Silver tiara made from swords on a gray background

"Game of Thrones Tiara"

Lori Del Genis
Mastercopy of Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night' with a 21st-Century update of coffee cups, teapots and flying saucers. Original and prints available on my website at

"Starry All-Nighter'"

feather with rain droplets

"Feather In The Rain"

Lisa Hertel
12 oz. ceramic mug, dishwasher/microwave safe, cobalt int. w/ black ext, subtle blue vert drips

"Bruise Mug"

Martha Hull
skeleton in the desert

"Could Be Worse"

I. S. Kallick
Death Card painting

"Death Card (Tarot)"

Ryan Klemek
primates playing curling alt-text for image

"Primates Playing Curling"

Johnna Klukas
Spaceship-shaped maple wood box. Dyed red with gold ink accents and a black interior.

"Red Spaceship Box"

Hannibal King

Three figures, two being leaned over by the third who is reaching out a hand towards them, looming. Beneath them there are a number of red toned figures.

"Cover for Illustrated Robert E. Howards Skullface"

Talia Lefton
red wool felt doll hanging on wall with orange and white fox face or mask above human mouth and chin and has a pouch vessel in place of body alt-text for image

"Fox Masked Pouch Doll"

Scott Lefton
A caryatid stands in a cathedral, a golden halo behind her head, and machinery visible within her body.

"The Caryatid Dreams of Transformation"

Tracy Levesque Art
Cats of a Different Color

"Cats of a Different Color"

Julia Burns Liberman
Getting it to sit still long enough to spring the traps was the hard part.

"Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue"

Model horse resculpted and repainted to bay appaloosa unicorn


Theresa Mather
Two flame-winged dragons painted in acrylic on a large slab of Mahogany Obsidian, framed. alt-text for image

"Fire Seekers"

Chris Mindle
Girl crossing a dark sea on an impossible, tenuous tightrope. alt-text for image

"The Escape Artist"

Sarah Morrison
Lady Justice holding a sword and scales in front of a forest


Reiko Murakami
01 - alleyway with street lamp


Anne E.G. Nydam
elephant with umbrella ears, standing in the rain


Maria Photinakis
Multiple figures struggling against a dark tide

"Liminal State"

Peacock's Nest Studio
Glasses and hearing aid friendly masks in a wide variety of patterns. To see them all and order, please visit my website,

"Anime and cartoon print no fog cotton layered masks"

Kristin Richland - Sweet Enemy Art
pencil drawing of owl surrounded by ribbon and flowers alt-text for image

"Owl in Waiting -print"

Catalina Rufin
A green haired, brown skinned elf in a red striped shirt and brown shorts admires the plants in a lush, humid greenhouse. Their hands are clapsed together and they have a meditative expression.


Rana Gainer
Dr. Bumby Ink Portrait; man with reflective glasses holding a key on a string

"Dr. Bumby"

Tiffany Toland-Scott
a witch and her fox familiar standing in a garden under the moon

"Unfamiliar Familiar"

Arielle Shearer
A Dragon wrapped around the moon and stars

"Dusk Heaven's Jewel"

Kaysha Siemens
Persephone seated surrounded by glowing flowers in the Underworld

"Persephone in the Garden of Hades"

Matt Szychowski
treehouse in the forest with light shining down through trees

"Exiled Seven Treehouse"

Kendra Tornheim
Antique brass wire pendant, red oak leaves behind a round black carved face

"Sleeping Autumn Oak Goddess"

Sandra Van Vooren
Copper wire woven dragonfly pendant

"Taking Flight"

Peter Zimmerman
Silver Fume/Dichroic Sprite 1.2 inch Borosilicate glass figure with fine silver fume and purple dichroic inside

"Silver Fume/Dichroic Sprite"


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