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Registration FAQ

Q: How do I register online?

A: Online registration is currently available. Instructions for how to use the Registration system are also available.

Online registration will be open throughout Arisia at You can pre-purchase a membership, review or update your information, and sign the Code of Conduct online, which will speed up your trip through Registration.

Q: Does this include one-day memberships?

A: One-day memberships will not be available for the virtual Arisia.

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to pay online?

A: No. You can use your credit card on the PayPal site, without a PayPal account.

Q: I haven't been to Arisia in a very long time, do I already have an account?

A: Yes! We keep old registration data.

Q: I can't remember what email address I used to register for Arisia in the past, should I just create a new account?

A: No! First try doing a password reset with the email address(es) you think might be associated with your account.  If that doesn't work, we are happy to change the email for your account, please email @email to arrange this.

Q: How do I change my Name/Badge Name/Address/Email/Phone number with Arisia?

A: You can do this by logging into your Arisia account on the registration site.

Q: When I registered on the website, the blurb said I would be asked my security question at the convention. How will my security question be used at the convention?

A: The blurb in the website regarding use of your security question is inaccurate, and we are working to modify its text. If you have paid for your membership and completed the registration process, you will not be asked your security question at the convention. If you need to buy a membership or update your membership type at con, you will need to use your security question to log into the system. Your security question's answer functions just like a password for this purpose. You will not need your security question to purchase year-ahead memberships.

Q: Can I purchase memberships for other people? Even if I already have a membership?

A: Yes! If you do not know the member's email address and security question answer, please email to arrange this.

Q: How can I check to see if my child is already registered?

A: Email

Q: How do I directly access the accounts for my children?

A: If you have used a separate email address to register your child in the past, please just do a password reset with that email address. Otherwise, email @email and we'll get you set up.

Q: Can I check to see if someone else is already registered?

A: Arisia does not give out information regarding our members. If you are inquiring about the registration status of a family member, please email For more information, see Arisia's Privacy Policy.

Q: What sort of membership should I purchase for my child?

A: There are several types of memberships for children:

  • For Arisia '21, there will not be KIT, Turtle Track or Student membership rates, but we've added a Teen membership for children 13-17.
  • Fast Track is for children aged 6-12 to join their peers and participate in age-appropriate programming.

More information about children at Arisia.

Q: I need a personal care aide or other companion. Do they need to purchase a membership?

A: For Arisia 2021, they do not need a membership, unless they would like separate access to the virtual Arisia.

Q: I do not want to pay for my membership online, can I still pre-register?

A: Yes! You may use the online system to print out the form and mail it in along with your payment.

Q: Can I pre-register and just pay at the door?

A: Discounted pre-registrations must be paid for before the next rate increase. You may pre-register online and pay the full at-door price when you arrive to pick up your badge.

Q: I purchased a membership last year but did not attend. May I use it for this year?

A: Yes. Please email @email before January 1st and request a rollover.

Q: How do I cancel my registration?

A: To cancel your registration, e-mail @email. Please provide your reasons and enough information (such as name and badge number) to identify the registration you wish to cancel.

If you have purchased a registration but want to transfer the membership to another individual or roll over the membership to next year's convention, please email @email.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer after registering?

A: By emailing @email. For more information, please see our Volunteers' page.

Q: How do I get my badge?

A: For Arisia 2021, there will not be physical badges.

Q: What should I do if I bought an Arisia 2021 membership a the old price?

A: Please fill out the formto rollover your membership to Arisia 2022 or request a full refund (Deadline for these requests is 12/31/2020).

Q: What if I have earned a comp for Arisia 2021, but I am not going to attend?

A: If you do not plan to attend Arisia 2021, your comp will stay in the system and we can roll it over to Arisia 2022.  Fill out the rollover form to rollover your comp membership.

Q: If I do attend Arisia 2021, and I have an earned comp, do I have to use it this year?

A: You have two options:
  Option 1, you can use it this year, which is the default.
  Option 2, you can choose to pay for this year's membership, either at the $25 rate or the $75 rate, and roll your comp over to Arisia 2022.  Please fill out the rollover form if you would like to take option 2!

Q: If I have an earned comp, can I attend Arisia 2021 at the $0 rate and then roll my comp over to Arisia 2022?

A: We'd really rather you didn't. If you expect to volunteer at Arisia 2022 but not Arisia 2021, and you can't afford an Arisia 2022 membership, talk to us and we'll ask the Con Chairs an exception, because we think they would rather have you volunteering than staying home. But complicated comp schemes make more work for us, so any such exception will be a new comp for Arisia 2022, not a rollover.

Q: My password for Zambia/Staff Site/Other Arisia Site does not seem to work when I try and login to the registration site. Help!

A: Currently each of these systems has their own password, even if your login is the same. Please do a password reset to gain access to the registration site.

Q: I heard Arisia has a cap?

A: We do not expect to cap attendance this year.

If you are coming to the convention for a single day, check the status on this website first, just to be sure. Email @email or @email if you have other questions about the attendance cap policy

Q: My question was not addressed in this FAQ, how can I find the information I am looking for?

A: For further information check the Registration information page, the Arisia Corporate Policies Page, or you may email the registration staff at @email.

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