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How to Buy Art

The Art Show is live at

Access to the Art Show and Dealers Room is open to everyone (no membership is needed)

How to Buy Art at Arisia

Since Arisia has moved to an entirely fixed-price show, purchasing art is easy and direct. All pieces in the show that are for sale have their prices listed on or near the piece on an art show "tag" that includes the artist's name and the piece title.

Multiple copies of an item may be for sale. Other copies and related not sold in the Art Show may be found in the Dealers Room if the artist also has a space there.

Some pieces in the show are not for sale. These are clearly marked with a designation such as "NFS". If you do not see a piece you wish to purchase or you wish to find out how to acquire an item that is not for sale in the Show, please contact the artist directly. Many artists provide baskets of cards or flyers with their displays that have contact information. It is also possible to find many of the artists at Arisia both in the show space and on art-related programming panels and events.

Artwork Sales

Artwork may be purchased any time from the artist's website.  

Print Sales

Prints with blue-colored tags are available for you to purchase and take with you at any time. Bring the piece with its tag to the Art Show Sales Desk to make the purchase.

Items Not for Sale

If you are unable to get a piece you desire at the Show itself we encourage you to contact the artist and make arrangements to get their work directly. Please let them know you saw their work at the Arisia Art Show.


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