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GOH Schedules

Generated: Wed Jan 13 12:59:18 EST 2021
Room Start Time Track Title
Suzanne Palmer (Writer GOH)
Zoom Room 1 Fri 7:00 PM Writing Writing in the Age of COVID
Zoom Room 3 Sat 11:30 AM Literature Suzanne Palmer Reading
Zoom Room 2 Sat 5:30 PM Writing Cut the Boring Parts
Zoom Room 1 Sun 1:00 PM Communities Age and Fandom: What it looks like after 50
Hannibal King (Artist GOH)
Zoom Room 2 Fri 5:30 PM Art & Maker Creating Art on Commission
Zoom Room 3 Fri 8:30 PM Comics Creating Comics: From Idea to Finished Product
Zoom Room 2 Sat 11:30 AM Art & Maker Art and Storytelling
Zoom Room 2 Sat 7:00 PM Art & Maker How to Participate in the SFF Art Show World
Zoom Room 5 Sun 11:30 AM Art & Maker Hannibal King Tour of the Art Show
Zoom Room 1 Sun 7:00 PM Communities Parenting in Times of Turmoil
Kat Tanaka Okopnik (Fan GOH)
Zoom Room 6 Sat 11:30 AM Communities How to Be an Anti-Racist in SF/F/H
Zoom Room 6 Sat 2:30 PM Fan Interest From Social Justice to Kindness
Zoom Room 4 Sat 8:30 PM Fan Interest The Future of Food
Zoom Room 4 Sun 11:30 AM Writing Working with Sensitivity Readers
Zoom Room 1 Sun 2:30 PM Communities Is It Cultural Appropriation?
Zoom Room 3 Sun 4:00 PM Meetups POC Meetup
Zoom Room 1 Sun 7:00 PM Communities Parenting in Times of Turmoil
Zoom Room 2 Mon 11:30 AM Gaming The Animal Crossing Phenomenon
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