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Anime and Video Theater

We are excited by the possibilities that a virtual convention offers for hosting a Video room online with Watch Parties (DIY MSTK optional).  You can join us on Discord to watch these events.

MST3K Thanksgiving Marathon 2020      55min    Discord    Fri 8:30 PM
Our favorite bots Crow, Gypsy, and Tom Servo have taken a break from the Satellite of Love to host a marathon of shorts. Just one hour of the 12 hour MST3K marathon is scheduled, but if there's interest, we'll go as long as you want.

Time Travel Tropes      55min    Discord    Sat 8:30 PM
We'll be talking about common time travel tropes on Discord and watch samples from popular movies and TV shows.

Doctor Who Mini-Episodes      55min    Discord    Sat 10:00 PM
The BBC has produced many short Doctor Who episodes, some as a fundraiser for Comic Relief/Children in Need.
Trailer Park      55min    Discord    Sun 8:30 PM
Join us for the return of the ever popular Trailer Park.  We'll be talking about the upcoming movies on our Discord server and following links to watch their trailers online.
Retro Trailer Park      2hr    Discord    Sun 10:00 PM
Miss the great and horrible movies from the 50s and 60s?  Relive the days of yore and watch trailers for movies like "Forbidden Planet" and "Devil Girl From Mars".

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