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Arisia 2022 Memberships can be bought at


Arisia 2021 Membership

Arisia 2021 will be a virtual convention. Convention membership is required to attend Arisia functions and to access convention online spaces. The two exceptions to this are the Art Show and the Dealers Room, which (for this year only) will be open to the public, but events like Art Show tours will still require membership.

Everyone attending Arisia is expected to abide by Arisia's Code of Conduct.

Membership Type Price
Standard $25
Scholarship $0
Sustaining $75
One-day, Turtle Track, Student not available for Arisia 2021

How to Register

To register for Arisia 2021, head to If you’re not sure whether you have an account or what your username and password are, select “Reset Password” to retrieve your username and reset your password.

To register by mail, please use the online registration link above but select “Cheque/Money Order” on the payment screen. This will generate a paper form for you to print and mail in with your payment. Your mail must be postmarked by December 20th, 2020.

Arisia 2022 memberships will be available starting on Monday January 18th, 2021 EST (one second after midnight).

Membership Types

This year there are three registration options. All memberships offer the same access and there will be no increases in membership price this year.

Standard membership for virtual Arisia 2021 costs $25 for any age, whether purchased now or at the door. This includes Fast Track (age 6-12) and Teen (age 13-17) memberships.

Because of Discord’s Terms of Service, Fast Track members will not be able to access Discord content independently. Fast Track programming will make sure to use Zoom for this reason, though older attendees who are using Discord may choose to let Fast Track family members look on with them at their discretion. For more information see our information for fans 19 and Under.

Scholarship memberships are available at no cost to anyone who needs them.

This is a pilot membership rate we are trying out for Arisia 2021 in response to the significant economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on members of the Arisia community, as well as a recognition of the inequity and unequal financial burden placed more on some members of our community than others.

Sustaining memberships are available for $75 for those who want to help us meet our commitments to the needs of our community.

Purchasing a membership at this optional higher rate allows us additional funding to devote to currently planned Programming, Events, and other items as well as possibly add new ones.

There will be no separate one-day, Student, or Turtle Track membership rates for Arisia 2021.

Refunds, Rollovers, and Transfers

For Arisia 2021 only, if you purchased a membership at the old price and want to roll it over to next year or get a refund, please fill out the Rollover/Refund form. The deadline for these requests is December 31, 2020.

UPDATE: As we work to set up the current convention rollover requests will be processed at the conclusion of Arisia 2021. Thank you for your patience." in bold type.

You can sell or transfer your paid membership to someone else, as long as you are transferring it to someone who is eligible for the same registration type. This year that’s everyone! The membership must have been purchased in the same year as the transfer. The seller (that's you) must email @email saying who you are transferring it to. In your email, you must give us all the information you would for a normal registration — name, mailing address, email address, and badge name — and we'll do the transfer.

If you have questions about Registration, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us.

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