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Video Gaming 2021


To access the Arisia Discord area, log on to and follow the instructions there. Use #main-gaming-chat for general chatter and talking about your favorite or least favorite tabletop games. Use #looking-for-players to find a game that needs more people or to start your own. Volunteers in the Gaming Zoom will have a spreadsheet of current happenings. Gaming staff will monitor the Discord channels to answer questions.

Notes: We are not using voice or video on the Discord server during Arisia. Children under 13 cannot have Discord accounts according to the Discord terms of service, but they are welcome to share the screen with an age 13+ account holder and contribute to the conversation.

Gaming Spaces and the Code of Conduct

The Gaming Zoom and its Discord channels are covered by the Arisia Code of Conduct. If you start a pickup game from within Arisia’s Discord space, and hold it on some other private channel, that is considered a “convention space” for the purposes of the Code of Conduct while the pickup game is going on. During the convention, conversations that begin on the Arisia Discord may move into private interactions on Discord. This does not mean that the Arisia Code of Conduct suddenly fails to apply to those interactions. Please be respectful in your interactions with other Arisia attendees, regardless of whether you are officially in "Arisia space," in the same way that we would ask you to be respectful of other Arisia attendees while standing outside of the Arisia hotel (assuming that you were willing to venture into the icy cold).

Minecraft Server

Hours of operation 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Arisia has its own Minecraft server. The game will be run by the Teen Army (with adult supervision). The Code of Conduct applies here also. A badge is required to play, and since badges are free, invite your friends to get them. The Discord channel #minecraft-chat mirrors the server chat.

Jackbox and Among Us

Several times throughout the weekend, Jackbox and Among Us games are scheduled. Meet in the Gaming Zoom 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Scheduling pickup games for later in the weekend

If you’d like to schedule your own game to be played at a later time during the con, you can request a Google form from the Tabletop Gaming staff, complete it with all the details, and we’ll set up an online signup for you. The game will not appear in the published schedule, but will be visible on the website with the other signup links. All games must be rated E, E10+, or T (no M or above). The Code of Conduct applies, so if you grief or troll, you’ll face the same Arisia consequences as if you did it in person.

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