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Meetup Information

Meetups provide attendees with common interests or backgrounds a place to meet and interact. Each meetup is different: some are large group discussions, while others are set up as more of a social mixer with many conversations.

In many cases, meetups may limit participation to those with specific backgrounds to provide a safe and welcoming space for all attendees. Before attending a meetup, please see the description for more information.

Virtual Meetups at Arisia 2021

With Arisia 2021 happening virtually this year, meetups look somewhat different. All meetups will be happening in one of the programming rooms in Zoom, and will have a corresponding Discord channel for the duration of the meetup through the start of the next panel (90 minutes).

There are two ways meetup hosts (of which there may be one or more) may choose to hold meetups this year:

  • Meetup in the Main Zoom Room. Regardless of the size of the meetup, all attendees meet and interact in a single Zoom room. The hosts will guide the discussion in this room.
  • Meetup Moves to Breakout Rooms. Attendees are encouraged to move into Zoom breakout rooms, allowing them to have conversations with a smaller set of attendees, generally on a specific topic. The hosts will let you know which rooms are available and what the topics are for each room.
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