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Moderator's Guide

Moderators are panelists that have been designated to provide structure for and lead panel discussions. Good moderators have a plan, communicate it, and are able to gently guide the other participants back on course if they stray, and are not afraid to interfere more forcefully if necessary.

Moderators are invited to participate in the conversation if there are five or fewer panelists on the panel (including the moderator). If there are six panelists, we recommend the moderator act primarily as a guide for the discussion.

Moderating Panels at Arisia 2021

Being a moderator at a virtual convention is a bit different than moderating in person. Please review the Arisia 2021 Virtual Moderator Guide for information specific to moderating a virtual panel.

Here is a brief checklist of the things moderators need for a successful panel moderation during a virtual Arisia. Further details can be found in the guide, as well as in How to be a Good Virtual Con Panelist.

Before the Convention:

  • Contact participants and determine topics of interest, preferred Q&A models, and whether Screen Share, music, etc. will be used.
  • Work with the Zoom Host and share panel technical expectations, as well as Q&A plans.

At-Con: Pre-Panel Prep Time

  • Join your panel prep session (30 minutes before your actual panel time).
  • Make sure technical aspects work (Zoom, mic, video, screen sharing, etc.).
  • Set your screen name in Zoom (name & pronouns).
  • Set your Zoom virtual background, if desired.

At-Con: Panel Time

  • Kick-off the panel with basic information about the panel and how it will be run (e.g., Q&A).
  • Let the panelists introduce themselves.
  • Keep the conversation flowing and generally on-track.
  • Run Q&A in a way that keeps the conversation flowing.
  • Wrap-up the panel with thank yous to everyone and a reminder to fill out the feedback form.

At-Con: After the Panel

  • Join the chat on Discord, but only if you wish (Discord channel will be the panel room number).
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