Arisia Code of Conduct and Transcription/Recording

Friendly Reminder: per the Arisia Code of Conduct, all forms of recording in Arisia space by members are prohibited, including by attendees, panelists, event participants, staff, etc. Convention leadership has determined that this includes screenshots, transcripts of panels, copying of text in Zoom chat or Discord, and captions.

Zambia Email Error

We would like to inform the Arisia community that we had a technical issue on Saturday evening that resulted in several error logs being emailed to our IT email box. The error log included currently available registration information (name, badge number, registration status, address, phone number, and email), for everyone “flagged” as a program staffer or participant for the current convention. That email alias then forwarded the error logs to fifteen current and former members of the Arisia, Inc. IT committee, including both current and former staffers of the convention.
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